Event Planning

For Princeton University events:
To use space at Palmer House, use the EMS WebApp and email [email protected] or call 609.258.3715, Monday through Friday, 9 am–5 pm. The reservation request should include the following information:

Event date (include first choice and second choice) Event time (include start time and end time)


After the reservation request has been processed, an event summary with a unique event ID number will be e-mailed to the event contact. The summary must be approved by e-mail for the reservation to be confirmed.

  • Approximate guest count
  • Event contact name, phone number, e-mail
  • University chart string

For non-departmental functions:
Palmer House is the official University guest house available for catering to all full‐time faculty and staff of Princeton University. As a Princeton University employee you are eligible to reserve space(s) at Palmer House without a facility fee.

Princeton University alumni and graduate students can apply for approval to use Palmer House for a personal or family event with a Facility Fee payable to Princeton University.